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Last Updated on 6/12/8
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Internet Database


Imagine what you could do with an Internet database. You could keep track of those names, address, phone numbers that you need when you're not home. That old wrinkly piece of paper that you carry around in your billfold or purse seems always to be out of date. Now you can use the Internet to update or read those important things whenever, or wherever you are.


How about that Favorite Places list that you can visit when you are on your home computer, but when you are at a friends house you can't get to it. With an Internet database you could get there in a flash.


When you are at the cabin for the weekend and you forgot to bring grandpa's famous recipe for brats and beans you could access it from your Internet database if you had saved it there.


What about a common database where you and your friends or coworkers could share data about common interests. Just give your friend the key to your common database. It could be about computer fixes, work schedules, clients problems and the like. Yet your main database is accessible only by you with another key.


No advertisements, No Hassle, we don't even ask for your email address. What do you think? If you have a need, give it a try.


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