Why Encode Data

There are times when entering data in your database that it may become necessary to code data. For instance if you have a web account for doing financial transactions or you have an account set up at a web retailer you may want to enter the user name, the password, and the account number for the account. When you are at another computer half way across the country your web transaction would be useless without those items. With the ability to encode and decode your data you can safely retrieve your sensitive items with out worry of a web bandit stealing the information and using your account without your permission.

To increase the security of the encoder you should enter a pass phrase when starting up the encoder. You must remember what the pass phrase is to properly decode any encoded data. Try to use a combination of lowercase, uppercase letters and some numbers in your pass phrase.

If you open the encoder in a new window then you will be able to switch back and forth between your database and the encoder. Just copy and paste between the two windows.